Youthonline Association

YouthOnline Association is a charity organization dedicated to youngsters (IR File No:91/7829). A group of volunteers from different professions work together in planning, promotion and development of youth services via the online platform. 

Technology is highly developed nowadays. Internet connection accelerates information transfer and at the same time enhances interpersonal communication. By making good use of the internet, we aim to develop an online platform for the youth to meet up and share information. Borderless network connection and gathered existing community resources enable the youth to obtain more healthy information as well as develop proper values and attitudes.

To meet both physical and mental needs of the youth during their growth, apart from creating a healthy online platform, we also involve in organizing various youth activities, which targeted to bring their talents into full play, help them to self-improve and promote self-image through participating in the activities. Since 1999, we have been working closely with different social service organizations, such as the Summer Youth Programme Committee, Fight Crime Committee, Agency for Volunteer Service, the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, the Hong Kong Internet Service Providers Association, the Association of Heads of Secondary Schools of Tsuen Wan & Kwai Chung District, the Hong Kong Federation Of Students etc., and assist them in planning and promoting various events.

YouthOnline Association accumulates nearly 30,000 members currently, and monthly page view of our website reaches 1,290,000 at highest. is one of the most large-scale youth website in Hong Kong and has awarded the “Ten Healthy Websites” for 3 consecutive years from 2000 to 2002. In 2003, we defeated more than a thousand of websites and won the“Meritorious Website Hall of Fame Awards”. It was so encouraging as these awards symbolize the recognition for our efforts on youth work.

Our Mission

  • Gather healthy events and information in the communities, expand the world of the youth and establish an online sharing platform for them

  • Boost the growth of the youth, encourage them to involve more in the community and nurturing the future pillars of society

  • Help the youth in self-enhancement, consolidate their creativity and bring their talents and strengths into full play

  • Provide guidance in their growth and assist them in building up good interpersonal skills

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