Insurance, Emergency Response Management

1.  Insurance
The organizer will buy insurance for each participant. Participant can also buy extra insurances depends on personal needs. In case of any emergency incident, the organizer will conatct participants' family and relevant departments for help, and send the participant back HK where possible.

2.  Internship Programme Committee
Hong Kong helpers will report to the committee daily. Besides, there is social worker responsibles for participants' learning and living evaluation.

3.  Internship Company
There are supporting and administrative departments in the internship company. Participants can contact relevant deaprtments for help if needed.

4.  Team
36 participants wil be divided into 6 teams (6 people in a team), each team assigned 1 team leader. Team leader will be given basic telecommunciation devices for emergency use. Participants should action in a team, individual action is not allowed unless permission is granted from team leader and the organizer.

5.  Other
Name badges with contact information like contact number and address of the person in charge will be distributed to the participants.


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 Insurance, Emergency Response Management