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The Commission on Youth

Home Affairs Bureau

Home Affairs Bureau’s policy objectives on youth development are:

  • to promote positive values among young people; 
  • to enhance their understanding of Chinese culture and heritage; 
  • to encourage their participation in voluntary and community work; 
  • to broaden their international perspective; and 
  • to promote leadership training among them.

They work closely with the Commissionon Youth in implementing programmes to achieve the above objectives. They encourage NGOs, schools, parents, the private sector and, above all, young people themselves to join their efforts in enabling our young people to develop their full potentials and to contribute to the development of Hong Kong. For details, please visit: www.hab.gov.hk

The Commission on Youth

The Commission on Youth (CoY) was set up in February 1990. It is an advisory body. Members, including unofficials from a wide spectrum of the society and representatives from government departments, are appointed by the Secretary for Home Affairs. Vision of the Commission on Youth is:

  • to consolidate community efforts
  • to assist in formulating and implementing youth development programmes and activities
  • to nurture young people as future leaders with vision, creativity, leadership and commitment.

CoY advises the Chief Executive on matters pertainingto youth. They conduct studies and surveys on youth development issues to provide information to relevant policy bureaux / departments and youth organisations for the formulation of youth service programmes. CoY also provides international exchange opportunities to the youth, for examples, organizing exchange tours to the Mainland, offer internships in the Mainland and sponsors other parties for the same through “Funding Scheme for Youth Exchange in the Mainland” and “Funding Scheme for Youth Internship in the Mainland”

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