“Dream to Learn, Learn to Master”

The cultural and creative industries have been identified as one of the six industries in Hong Kong, contributing to economic growth and job creation. To fostering a favourable environment in Hong Kong for developing creative industries, Hong Kong government invested resources in different related policies, education sponsorship and infrastructures, aiming to encourage talents to join the industries. However, uncertain future prospects and inadequate resources always let them step back. Apart from experiences and wisdom from our predecessors, creativity and horizons of the new generation are also important elements toward sustainable development of an enterprise. Inheritance nature of the industries adds value to traditional industries and increase labour elasticity of the lower class. Thus, based on economic considerations, the importance of the cultural and creative industries should not be neglected.

China's economy developed repaidly in recent years, working or setting up a business in the Mainland becomes a trend. Therefore, through this internship programme, we hope the youth can:

  • gain knowledges in the operation of mainland enterprises and be better equipped for their future career
  • accumulate working experiences and understand more about the working environment and culture in the Mainland
  • fostering a creative atmosphere in the community
  • nurturing a pool of creative human capital and drive the development of the cultural and creative industries
  • broaden their horizons by working and interacting with those international masters


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