DeTao is a knowledge-and-innovation-oriented conglomerate, with its portfolio spanning from real estate and financial service to culture and education. Its founder, George Lee, believes in“congregating world-class masters, collecting industrial wisdom, nurturing professional elites, and fueling corporate development". With this mandate, DeTao continuously recruits top-notchmasters from pillar industries around the world. Master studios are being set upand marketing campaigns rolled out to seek synergy opportunities with China’s educational and industrial sectors. By facilitating exchange between China and the world, between the East civilization and its West counterpart, the enterprise is committed to convergence and joint innovation in sciences and arts.

Over 500 international leaders in various sectors have joined DeTao’s ranks. DeTao master studios offer them a platform for cooperation and projectimplementation in premium vocationaleducation and industrial innovation. The wisdom of the masters, combined with human resources, educational resourcesand capital from China, can create solutions to the problems China faces, and engenders market segments.

Since 2010, DeTao has recruited over 500 masters, including fellows of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences, the Royal Society, and the Academy of Science of the Royal Society of Canada, as well as professors of Oxford, Harvard, Yale, Cornell, UC Berkeley, Caltech, and University of Southern California, and winners of prizes like the Oscar, Emmy, Red Dot (highest industrial design award), Compasso d'Oro, Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement, Humboldt Prize, and Presidential Mechanical Design Award. They represent 25 countries including USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Israel, Mexico, Iran, India, Canada, Australia, and Brazil. Their industrial backgrounds arejust as diverse, including industrial design, architectural design, film, gamedesign, financial capital, human resource management, visual arts, innovative education, new media, advancedmachine manufacturing, new energy, new materials, sustainable development, biomedicine and healthcare, agriculture and food, and the marine industry. Planning to set up a personal studio for each of the masters, DeTao will translate this comprehensive and trans-disciplinary network of international masters into a mega-source of creativity.

To that end, DeTao redefines partnership by combining 4 platforms: education and training, research and development, commercialization, and industrial investment. The ambition is to help Chinese cities embrace green transition, aid large enterprises in accomplishing technical upgrading, drive the education sector to be future-oriented, allow the next-generation of Chinese leaders to grow and thrive, and help China grow in a sustainable manner.

DeTao has two main offerings: DeTao Master Heritage (DMH) and DeTao Master Solution (DMS). DMH is aninnovative paradigm of education,featuring mentoring, apprenticeship, andtransfer of tacit knowledge. Led by Sir John Daniel, DeTao innovative education master and former DG of UNESCO, DeTao is participating and developing massive open online courses (MOOCs), and badge-based certificationmechanisms. DeTao is offering course at Undergraduate, master, and doctoral levels through Peking University,Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts and other educational institutions. In addition, DeTao is developing over 500 master courses for different industries. The courses will be delivered through Advanced Master Classes, Master Workshops, and Master Lectures, to meet diversified needs of professionals.

DMS features the “Master Wisdom + Financing” model, providing package solutions for different projects. DeTao is structuring a namesake Master Fundworth RMB 200 billion. Also in development are the projects Musical Dreamworks and Brain Trust. Furthermore, DeTao is building large science-cultural parks in Beijing, Nanjing, Hangzhou and Baotou to commercialize scientific research resultsand cultural creations, incubate small and middle enterprises, and enhance overall innovation capability. Another sector of interest is environmental protection. DeTao works on solutions for wetland restoration, including the 1,000-km2 project at the Yellow River Bend, and the comprehensive restoration of Xixi Wetland in Hangzhou.

An important component of the DeTao master studio cluster, DeTao Shanghai Centre is a joint venture with Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts, focusing on the cultural and creative industry. This 15-story building accommodates over 60 master studios, some of which are already in operation. In addition, DeTao is promoting its master studio model in Tokyo, Los Angeles, Paris, Germany and Luxembourg, increasingly recognized by the world.

With over 500 industry elites from the world, DeTao provides comprehensive all-in-one knowledge and financial service. It will continue to recruit masters from the world, and providehigh-end educational offerings and commercial solutions. Its exchange and partnership with international groups and institutions will pave the way for China to join the global quest for innovation.

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