Jane Gottelier
 Jane Gottelier
 Country: Britain
 Territory: Fashion and Performance Sportswear Design

Prof. Jane Gottelier was Program Leader of Fashion Design, Performance Sportswear Design Fashion Marketing and Fashion Photography at Falmouth University. Fashion designers, Jane and her long-term partner Patrick Gottelier, pride themselves on doing things differently. In 1978, the duo set up Artwork, a revolutionary label that turned the preconception of what knitwear was on its head. It was their ability to innovate and find a different approach to fashion, which led to the duo being invited to found Falmouth’s new undergraduate courses in Fashion Design and Performance Sportswear Design. 

Prof. Jane Gottelier has also given lectures in many universities and colleges such as Royal College of Art, Fashion and Textile departments: Central St. Martins School of Art, Fashion & Textile departments, etc. Her teaching and works are welcomed by many people from all over the world. In January 2013, Prof. Jane Gottelier joined DeTao Masters Academy as DeTao Knitting Fashion Design Master.

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