Tina Hart
 Tina Hart
 Country: New Zealand
 Territory: Landscape and Themed Environment Design

Professor. Tina Hart was educated first as a graphic designer and then as a teacher, majoring in Maori and Art. Tina brings artistic visualization, research and management skills to the design team Dawnfinder in partnership with Kim Jarrett. Together they co-designed and built the NZ Pavilion Roof-top Garden at the World Trade Expo - Shanghai 2010 and won for New Zealand a Gold Award at London’s Chelsea Flower Show, 2004 with ‘Ora! The Garden of Wellbeing’.

Having first worked in landscape design and construction, Tina then became a commissioned artist for domestic and commercial interiors and exteriors, and an art director and illustrator for television. In November 2003, her first solo exhibition of landscape paintings entitled ‘Pathway of the Spirits’ was sold out. Tina was also creative director for the charitable trust Sustaining New Zealand. A visualiser and scenic artist, Tina is inspired by light and the landscape and is passionate about ecology, the environment and the power of the stories that underpin our world.

Professor Tina Hart is especially good at very artistic way to complete conceptual and detail design, which is also the core part of Dawnfinder. She is expert in hand-drawing to analyze various projects by virtue of her strong professional foundation and experience of art, making theme environmental projects and various landscape design work more aesthetic. Bring a fresh, refined feeling to clients. Professor Tina Hart used to elaborate rationality of every detail, to perfect the design of all of its artistic realization.

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