Mitsuru Kaneko
 Mitsuru Kaneko
 Country: Japan
 Territory: Animation

Mitsuru Kaneko is known as the father of computer graphic production in Japan by having established one of the first generation of commercial CG productions JCGL in 1978. Author of 3 books of the Golden rule series, “Scenario (script) writing”, “Character making” and “Mise-en-scene setting” published by Born Digital, he has introduced a new concept of logical planning and production manners to visual content industry in Japan. His professorship still continues at Creative Lab., Tokyo University of Technology (TUT), He has also been conducting ”Visual Content Production and Activation” seminars sponsored by Visual Industry Promotion Organization (VIPO) and Computer Graphic Arts Society (CG-ARTS) for 3 years for the professional creators. His research and development projects emphasizing visual content analysis are backed by Kunio Kondo and Koji Mikami of TUT, Naohisa Ohta of Keio Univ., and Richard Weinberg of USC. Nearly 50 years’ experience on production and training both in Japan and the USA has made these R & D projects unique and well accepted among digital-visual content creators.
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